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Project Description

This project is an experience of total immersion in a virtual exhibition and where you can feel, live the spirit of the exhibition by combining 360-degree pictures, spacial sounds and virtual reality. The target audience is people aged between 18 to 30 years old that like to visit galleries, museums but do not necessarily have the time to travel and visit an exhibition abroad. It is also for people that have already visited the exhibition but want to re-visit it. Creating a 360-degree experience of an actual exhibition for me was a unique opportunity as it is unusual that a building would let a student enter their premises before the event to shoot the space for his/ her university project. Overall, I enjoyed taking pictures of the scenes and creating the 360-degree application on Unity as I could find the right resources needed to develop my project.

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The shooting scene took place at Sterckshof, a castle in Belgium, The exhibition was exposed through 7 different rooms of the castle, however, I took pictures of 5 rooms as I found that they were more interesting. To shoot the scene, I used an Insta360 pro camera with a tripod that I placed in the middle of the room, then I went out of the room to take pictures.

Have a go and try the 360 tour! online or get ready your VR cardboard headset and download the application on your mobile via this --> Link