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Project Description

Over 5 weeks I have been introduced to the Mobile Media, the assignment was to create an app. “Trump Quiz” is my project name, it is an app quiz composed of 10 questions, the game rule is to guess between 3 propositions what correct answer will complete the Donald Trump quotes.

During this activity, I used different processes and techniques to develop, test and conceive my concept. Then I created a quick paper prototype to visualise the main Idea. Afterward, I used Pop App that allowed me to animate and test my application in order to get feedbacks from different users. LucidChart has also helped me to create a digital prototype.

As a team leader, my responsibility was to distribute all the tasks to each of us, I was thoroughly following my team through the design process by motivating and supporting them to achieved the best solution. However, my main task was to design the logo and all the pages by Photoshop also I was helping my team players with their own task from sound editing to code editing.

Project Details

  • Logo
  • Interface Design

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Try Trump Quiz

  • Step 1: Download & Install the Apple or Android version of the AppFurnace Player. It’s a free app.
  • Step 2: Load AppFurnace Player, and click the + icon.
  • Step 3: Click ‘Scan & Add’ and scan the QR code. Your Test Version will start downloading automatically.
  • Step 4: When it has downloaded, tap the entry in the list and press PLAY.

or Step 3: Type in the URL http://edu.appfurnace.com/test/sxdtH/ and hit download