Project Description

I designed a smartwatch application connected to a smart cloth equipment that I called MotivFit. The main feature of this product is its ability to automatically count each series by using a bend sensor allocated on different body areas: back elbow, back knees, abdominal muscles.
Also, MotivFit enables the user to practice physical activities, monitoring by training designed with multiple levels of diffculties. It enables the user to set his name, weight, height and age on his profle page. Then after his physical effort, the user is be able to track his progress. In the future, if I would want to push MotivFit further I would enable the user to be challenged in course competitions with other users. The user will be able to connect himself with another user by using a unique ID number to be able to start a competition with another user. Those competitions will be designed by a GPS that will re-create a similar course with the same mile than the competitor, then at the end, the app will display the result on each watch.

Project Details

  • Smart watch app
  • Smart cloth equipment
  • Poster

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