360°Horror Chamber


Project Description

The brief was to create a 360° video. To answer this assignment, I have created a group of 4 members. The idea was to create a torture chamber escape scene as a 360° video, which was inspired by the movie “Saw”. In the video, there is three actors, the killer, the dead body and the main character.The vision that we had for the realisation of this project was to shoot the video in a dark room, very dirty with creepy sounds to create a scary atmosphere. Those elements were important to increase the level of interaction. Once the idea was well defined and planned, I collected some objects that could be useful to decorate the scene. Also, I used three small old televisions that I placed around the scene to create a mysterious environment. The room that we used was big, so to make the scene more intense we made the room smaller by placing artificial wall to reduce the space.

To shoot the video we wanted to create two different viewpoints, one through the main character’s eyes by using camera head-mount and the other one from the scene by usind a camera on a tripod.

As a director, my responsibilities was to ensure that the room be safe to shoot. I was leading the team to make sure that the script is respected and I was giving them signals to make them start acting on the right timing. Also, I was watching behind the scene every step through an iPhone screen, which allowed me to see on live time what the camera is recording. Once we had all the footages, I selected three footages that I edited the footage and the sound effect on Adobe Premier Pro.

Project Details

  • 360°Video

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