Project Description

Floressence is a sensory plant conceived to change the atmosphere of a room. It touches three different senses that can influence people’s mood and help them to relax: smell, see, hear by diffusing fragrances, lightings, and music ambience.

The book ‘Olfaction and Emotion’describes odours as senses which can influence the mood, remind experiences of pleasure or displeasure, relaxation, and bring back old memories. Ehrlichman H., Bastone L. (1992). The researchers from the University of Granada (UGR) have submitted evidence that in contrast to white lighting, the blue lighting accelerates the relaxation process after a long stressful day by using electrophysiological measurement to measure the heart rate and brain activity. Then, The choice of the brand name came from the combination of Flourish and essence (scent) which expresses the ability that Floressence has in flourishing people’s home.

Project Details

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