Project Description

This project is a prototype augmented reality app that I designed to help people to be more aware of ingredients inside products. This app will help its users to be more careful with the choice of their products but also encourage them to be aware of each potentially harmful ingredient. They will no longer need to read the tiny and long ingredient list on the back of their product.

Working on this project was a good experience, as I had the opportunity to learn the process of creating an augmented reality app through “Unity”. I completed my project by making some research on my target audience and I made a survey on my defined audience which is people aged between 20 to 30 years old, to understand their behaviour, personality and needs. Then I started to make some quick sketchings of different ideas to choose the best one which received good feedback. Once my idea was clear I started to make some mockups and create assets to use it on “Unity”.

Project Details

  • Augmented Reality App

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